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Handheld Rechargeable Fender Inflator

Handheld Rechargeable Fender Inflator

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These Rechargeable Inflator / Deflators Are An Excellent Alternative To The 120 V, Foot Pump Or Car Compressor Type Inflators.  They Provide A High Volume Low Pressure Output Which Will Inflate Inflatable Fenders Quickly.  These Inflators Also Work Incredibly Well To Quickly Inflate Inflatable Work Platforms, Air Mattresses And Other Inflatable Water Floats.  If You Need To Deflate Items, Simply Move The Adapter To The Output Port For Quick Deflation.    

Rechargeable Inflator Details:

  • Portable Handheld Rechargeable Inflator / Deflator 
  • Two Charging Methods: USB Outlet (5 V/2 A) And D.C. Cigarette Outlet (12V /1 A)
  • Inflates / Deflates Fenders In Seconds (100 GPM) ~ 0.5 psi
  • Comes With:
    • Black Canvas Storage Case
    • USB and Cigarette Charging Cables
    • 4 Adapters - Robert-Halkey Style Adapter, Air Mattress, Pool Raft, And Pool Floatie Adapters.
  • Fender Inflation Times:
    • 9 x 22 Inflatable Fender (~12 secs)
    • 10 x 26 Inflatable Fender (~16 secs)
    • 12 x 29 Inflatable Fender (~20 secs)
    • 12 x 42 Inflatable Fender (~ 28 secs)
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