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High Performance Inflatable Fender Kits

The Ultimate Solution for Your Fender Gear Needs!

Are you searching for an alternative to traditional vinyl molded fenders? Worried about the weight and storage space of your fender gear? Need to expand your existing lineup? Or have you recently acquired a new boat and are unsure which fenders to choose for optimal performance? Look no further! Our Inflatable Fender Kits offer the perfect turn-key solution.

Discover the key benefits that make our kits stand out. With our complete grab-and-go inflatable fender kits, you can bid farewell to the guesswork of selecting the right fender gear for your boat. Every component in our kits is crafted from high-quality yacht-grade materials, ensuring top-notch durability and performance.

One of the greatest advantages of our inflatable fenders is their compact size when deflated. They shrink to approximately 85% of their inflated dimensions, effectively saving valuable storage space on your boat. Additionally, these fenders are significantly lighter than traditional molded vinyl ones, reducing overall gear weight while still providing exceptional protection.

To further enhance convenience, our kits include a canvas gear bag that keeps your deflated fender gear neatly organized and compact for storage anywhere on your boat. Moreover, we understand the importance of aesthetics. The fenders, fender covers, and fender lines in our kits are color-coordinated, giving your boat a clean and classy appearance.

If you've ever considered an alternative to vinyl molded fenders, prioritized gear weight and storage space, wanted to expand your fender lineup, or needed guidance for your new boat's fenders, our High Performance Inflatable Fender Kits are the answer. Experience the simplicity, performance, and convenience that make these kits the ultimate solution for your fender gear needs. Upgrade your boating experience today!

Key Benefits
  • Complete grab and go inflatable fender kit takes the guesswork out of determining the best fender gear for your boat.
  • All components are high quality yacht grade.
  • Fenders are ~ 85% smaller when deflated, which save valuable storage space.
  • Fenders are much lighter than molded vinyl fenders, resulting in a reduction in gear weight.
  • Canvas gear bag keeps deflated fender gear neatly assembled and compact for storage anywhere.  
  • Color coordination of fenders, fender covers and fender lines provide a clean and classy look.