Inflatable Winter Stick

Regular price $75.95

Here's a really cool and innovative product to float and mark your mooring site during the off season.  It's a lightweight, high visibility yellow inflatable Winter Stick!

Especially convenient for commercial mooring companies who manage hundreds of bulky wooden winter sticks during seasonal installation, removal and storage activities. 

Now you can easily deploy, retrieve and safely transport many more more winter sticks per boat run than ever before.  If deployment time, efficiency, safety, ease of handling and storage space are characteristics you consider important in your business, then these are definitely adders to your bottom line. 

Product Features 

  • High quality PVC fabric, double weld construction
  • Halkey-Robert fill valve for quick inflation, deflation and tight seal
  • 9" diameter x 60" long, floats high and proud, high visibility yellow color
  • Can easily paint or stencil name, mooring number or add reflective paint
  • Lightweight (2.5 lbs), 85% smaller when deflated, easy to handle and store