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- Keep your anchor gear in a visually pleasing, neatly organized and in a readily deployable state.

- Fortress anchors can now be fully assembled and neatly stowed anywhere.

- Soft neoprene material mitigates boat damage when stowed and moved about.

- Dampens nuisance anchor and rode chain rattle while underway. 

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Aere Inflatable Fenders

When it comes to the condition of your boat, inflatable fenders are an absolute necessity. Docking in rough seas and turbulent tides can lead to significant damage to your boat's sides. That's where our Aere Inflatable Fenders come to the rescue. Designed to withstand the toughest conditions, our fenders act as a reliable barrier, preventing your boat from repeatedly colliding with the dock.

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High Performance Inflatable Fender Kits

The fastest and easiest way to outfit your boat with a complete fender set-up.  Stop wasting time roaming the aisles of your marine store trying to determine the best fender set-up for your boat - this is it!

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Piling Fender - Flexible Wrap

Got pilings?  If so, these high quality flexible wrap around EVA foam piling fenders are for you! 

Special Ethylene Vinyl Acetate compound offers superior intrinsic characteristics such as UV resistance, non-marking, will not decay in harsh marine environment (even if left under water for extended periods), and will not collapse after heavy compression.

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Inflatable Work Platform

These platforms are invaluable for boat detailers, yacht crew, boat yards etc, and also make excellent swim / sun lounge platforms for your boat.  They are stable, portable and durable.  We've had eight people on the large platform (~1600 lbs) and it could have easily handled more.  The large 6' x 10' platform is designed to fit a 4' x 8' sheet of plywood which provides an extra level of capability, stability and durability.  Typical uses are floating anchor gear out for physical inspection, in-water painting, grinding, detailing, and for leisure use, they make a great swimming, diving, or lounging platform. 

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