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Got pilings?  If so, these high quality flexible wrap around EVA foam piling fenders are for you! 

Special Ethylene Vinyl Acetate compound offers superior intrinsic characteristics such as UV resistance, non-marking, will not decay in harsh marine environment (even if left under water for extended periods), and will not collapse after heavy compression.

These piling fenders are great for situations where:

  • You are not allowed to screw into the pilings
  • The pilings are impenetrable e.g. steel, fiberglass, cement
  • You want to bring your piling fenders with you when you cruise (easily removable)

Piling Fender coverage relative to piling diameters:

  • 6"   Piling Diameter:  Fender will wrap around 95% of piling (approx.)
  • 12" Piling Diameter:  Fender will wrap around 40% of piling (approx.)
  • Note - If you need to wrap pilings greater than 12" in diameter (38.3" circumference), simply strap two piling fenders together using two straps, or use longer straps (not supplied).

  • If you desire greater than 31" of vertical piling protection, simply secure two piling fenders for approximately 62" of vertical height.

Rated for boats up to 60 Tons (65') means they're designed to provide superior performance and ultimate boat protection during piling contact.

Product Details

  • 31-1/2" Height x 17-1/2" Wide x 1-1/4" Thickness
  • 3 ea. white polyester straps (39" L x 1" W) with Zinc metal cam buckles
  • EVA closed cell foam rubber
  • UV resistant
  • Non-absorbent
  • Resistant to decay in marine environment
  • Rated for boats up to 60 Tons (Max 65')
  • Color: Navy Blue
  • Weight 3 lbs

Note:  To ensure provided strap length is sufficient to wrap around your piling, always calculate the circumference of your piling first.  Any piling greater than 12" will require a longer strap (not supplied).

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