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    At first glance, you might think it's crazy—an inflatable boat that attaches to the nose of a Jet Ski? But upon closer inspection, the brilliance and utility of the XTenda Jet 125 become clear. We've thoroughly tested this remarkable innovation for performance, quality, portability, and fun factor, and we're thrilled to say it passed with flying colors.

    The XTenda Jet 125 is designed to expand the capabilities of your Jet Ski, transforming it into a versatile tender. With its innovative attachment system, this inflatable boat seamlessly connects to the nose of your Jet Ski, creating a whole new level of functionality. Whether you need to transport additional passengers, carry extra gear, or simply enjoy some leisurely cruising, the XTenda Jet 125 delivers an unparalleled experience.

    Product Features And Details
    • Designed to fit all major Jet Ski brands.
    • Inflates in under 10 minutes with supplied power inflator.
    • Connecting hardware, consisting of 4 ea. eye bolts - must be through bolted to the Jet Ski rub rail or lip.
    • All seams welded, constructed with high denier polyester German PVC.
    • Warranty: 2 years on material and workmanship.
    • Max speed 23 MPH w/ four people.  Tender carrying capacity 1200 lbs or 6 people
    • Weighs approx 66 lbs in gear bag (deflated footprint: 32" L x 32" W x 18" H)
    • 12'5" LOA (length overall)
    • 7'9" Beam (width)
    • 24" diameter main tubes
    • Draft ~ 8" (depth)
    • Accessories Included:
      • Transport bag
      • PVC patches for repair
      • High Pressure Inflator (choice of 120 V or 240 V)
      • Halkey-Robert Fill Adapter
      • Pressure Gauge
      • Connective hardware (4 ea. Stainless Steel eye bolts, polyester webbing straps w/ cam buckles) - eye bolts need to be through-bolted through front rub rail or lip relative to D-ring locations on X-Tenda Jet 125.
    • Four main air chambers (inflatable keel tube, drop stitch floor, 2 main tubes)  Halkey-Robert air fill valves, large stainless steel D-Rings, integrated soft PVC passenger handles, handle cleats around perimeter tubes for mooring and handling, jet ski nose / seat cushion.
    • Design Options:
      • Call to order custom colors and schemes
      • Fire and Rescue models available per your design (constructed with TPU  polyurethane fabric for extreme abrasion resistance) 

    **Made in Europe of the highest quality materials and workmanship**


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