XTenda Jet 125 | Jet Ski Tender

If you're thinking that's crazy...an inflatable boat that attaches to the nose of a Jet Ski!?... you would be right!  However, upon greater thought and inspection, the brilliance and utility of the XTenda Jet 125 becomes apparent.  We tested the XTenda Jet 125 for performance, quality, portability and fun factor, and we can say that it passed those tests with flying colors.

As far as maneuvering and speeds are concerned, the XTenda Jet 125 is highly maneuverable, and performed exceptionally well at its max speed of 23 MPH with four passengers.  Ride was very predictable and comfortable in varying water conditions proving this design is solid.
Design and Build:
The construction, materials and quality of the XTenda Jet 125 are top notch.  They are manufactured in Europe to very high-quality standards, and it definitely reflects - double welded seam construction, multiple air chambers, high quality components all cleanly and properly secured in place, and exactly where they should be. 

The connecting hardware is 4 ea. stainless steel threaded eye bolts with nylon straps and metal buckles.  After proper installation of the four eye bolts (or folding cleats) on the nose, port and starboard Jet Ski rub rail (recommend installation of eye bolts by your authorized Jet Ski Service Shop), the connect and disconnect of the XTenda Jet 125 is a breeze.   Simply insert the nose of the Jet Ski into the XTenda Jet 125, and connect the two together using straps (with cam flap buckles) through installed eye bolts, which can all be done aboard the Jet Ski or XTenda Jet 125.
The portability was beyond our expectation.  The XTenda Jet 125 comes in a gear bag which was easy to handle, and all together weighs approximately 60 lbs.  12 Volt inflator is included and all four chambers inflated in approximately 7 minutes.  The deflated XTenda Jet 125 fits easily in your trunk, Lazarette, gear locker, tender garage, and also fits nicely when secured on the back seat of your Jet Ski.
Utility of the XTenda Jet 125 was impressive, it functions wonderfully as a Jet Ski Tender for boats with dedicated Jet Skis, and safely and comfortably shuttles people and gear back and forth from any landing site e.g. beach, boat, dock etc., and is a great addition to any Jet Ski.  You can continue to explore shallow water areas with your Jet Ski, extra friends and camping gear without worrying about damage to propeller or sensitive shallow water Eco systems.  Bottom line is that if you'd like to expand the utility of your Jet Ski, the XTenda Jet 125 provides that, and a whole lot more.
Considering how well the XTenda Jet 125 performs, we absolutely love it and recommend it as a very cool and innovative accessory to expand the use of your Jet Ski.
If any questions, please contact us for more details.