Inflatable Fender Kits

High Performance Inflatable Fender Kits

Have You Ever (1) Thought About An Alternative To Vinyl Molded Fenders, (2) Were Concerned With Gear Weight And Storage Space, (3) Wanted To Add Extra Fenders To Your Existing Fender Line-Up, Or (4) Just Bought A New Boat And Are Unsure Which Fenders To Choose, And Want High Performance Fender Gear?  If So, Well Then, These Inflatable Fender Kits Are The Perfect Turn-Key Solution!

Key Benefits
  • Complete Grab And Go Inflatable Fender Kit Takes The Guesswork Out Of Determining The Best Fender Gear For Your Boat.
  • All Components Are High Quality Yacht Grade.
  • Fenders Are ~ 85% Smaller When Deflated, Which Save Valuable Storage Space.
  • Fenders Are Much Lighter Than Molded Vinyl Fenders, Resulting In A Reduction In Gear Weight.
  • Canvas Gear Bag Keeps Deflated Fender Gear Neatly Assembled And Compact For Storage Anywhere.  
  • Color Coordination Of Fenders. Fender Covers And Fender Lines Provide A Clean And Classy Look.