Original Swiveler Flag Poles

If you've been seeking a sleek and robust solution to proudly fly your favorite flag on your vessel, look no further than these non-binding expertly machined 316 Stainless Steel flag poles with anodized aluminum rail clamps, or flat mounts.  

These Original Swiveler Flag Poles are unique and unlike any you may have seen, and it is immediately apparent that they have been designed for longevity, good looks, and serious performance.  With the look, feel and solid build, you'll realize that they've been designed by a Craftsman and machined with pride by experts.

The unique design of the Original Swiveler Flag Pole are the 360 degree machined grooves in the pole which allow swivels, which connect to flag, to articulate around in, thus allowing the flag to fly in any direction without ever binding.  Never worry again about the look of, or having to unwind a bound flag on your boat again!  

With the Original Swiveler Flag pole, your flag will always fly proud, and as a non-binding flag, it will always function as a wind vane indicating wind direction and intensity during slow speed maneuvering and docking situations.

These flag poles are innovative and we highly recommended for your boat.  We also offer other model flag poles which were designed for motorcycles, Fire Trucks, ATV's, or practically anywhere you desire.