Are Boat Fender Covers Worth It? Here Are 4 Key Benefits

Are Boat Fender Covers Worth It? Here Are 4 Key Benefits

There are a lot of bells and whistles involved with your boat. It's easy to wonder if you need everything you’ve purchased. You might second-guess buying boat fender covers, for instance. Thus, this article addresses the question are boat fender covers worth it? Here are four key benefits.

Protection During Docking

Docking your vessel doesn't always go smoothly, which is why every boat needs fenders for docking maneuvers, and while docked. . Once docked, your fenders will do all the hard work keeping your boat securely moored and protected from the dock, however, protecting your hull surface from perpetual fender contact (scratches, scuffs) should not be over looked. While a fenders surface is generally soft, that material is more rigid than a soft fabric fender cover, and if you value the condition of your hull, a good soft, stylish cover is very important.

A Touch of Personality

Since fenders are mandatory equipment that get used, abused, become dirty and or tattered, consider adding fender covers to instantly clean them up. First impressions last, so instead of presenting dirty or boring white fenders hanging off the side of your boat, clean them up with fender covers. Fender covers allow you to instantly color coordinate your fenders to your boat’s accents, and or you can add custom embroidery for that extra level of detail and personal touch.

Prevents Squeaking

Fenders are notorious for squeaking during moments of compression between the hull and dock. Anyone who sleeps aboard understands that the frequent cyclical squeak can be quite annoying. Adding a soft fender cover will mitigate squeaks, which can be an invaluable benefit to you and or your guests.

Increases Lifespan

Nearly every exterior item on a boat is subjected and impacted by the suns U.V. rays, and covers are generally used as sacrificial protection to protect the greater good. While fenders generally have good UV resistance characteristics, it is considered good preventative maintenance to keep them covered, especially when they are stored full time in the sun, so when the critical need arises, you can feel confident that your fender is ready for action.

Are boat fender covers worth it? Well, these four key benefits point towards “yes.” Check out our marine fender covers at Innovative Marine Group to find the ideal assortment to fit your needs. We offer a variety of sizes and colors, ensuring you’ll be satisfied with your choice.

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