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Aere Docking Solutions

Neoprene Fender Covers (fits inflatable fenders)

Neoprene Fender Covers (fits inflatable fenders)

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Neoprene Fender Covers for inflatable fenders

Covers to fit nearly every brand of Inflatable Fenders:  AERE, DEFENDA, FENDRESS, MEGAFEND, PROSTOCK and more.

  • Soft Neoprene, Polyester fabric, color extruded (no bleed), U.V. stabilized
  • Finished top and bottom, snug fit, machine washable
  • Non-absorbent, quick drying, sheds debris easily
  • Mitigate hull chafe, fender squeak, and adds a clean classy look
  • Preferred fender cover brand outfitted on yachts and cruisers worldwide 

    Product Notes:

    • 1 Cover / package
    • Available Colors: Navy Blue, Black and Gray
    • Larger fender covers are made per order.

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