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Disco Light Party Ball USB 5V

Disco Light Party Ball USB 5V

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1. Easy and convenient to use, it can connect to your smartphone, computer, power bank or music player.
2. Modes: Automatically moving mode / Sound Active / Flash.
3. Mini size, with 4 colors LED beads, strong light effect, the area of projection is large.
4. Suitable for most of the USB interface electric appliance.
5. The light effect changes as the music rhythm when connected to a smartphone.
6. No harm to your device, durable and low power consumption.

How to use:

1. Insert USB holes into the product, and change colors with the rhythm when playing music on the mobile phone. Both computers and rechargeable treasures can be used.
2. Conventional standard Android OTG converter, the need for the iPhone, Huawei converter please explain in advance with customer service, the price is not the same.
3. the use of a mobile phone needs to be set up - more settings -OTG- to open before use.

Power: 3W
Flash range: 5-10m
Voltage:DC 5V Power: 3*1W RGB LED
Working mode: Auto、Sound control
Material: Plastic

Package Content:
1 x LED Light

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