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Inflatable Mooring Buoy

Inflatable Mooring Buoy

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While at your mooring, or while performing mooring activities, have you ever experienced:
  • Scratches or damage to your hull from your mooring ball incessantly rubbing against your hull during slack tide?
  • Awoke from sleep due to mooring ball banging up against your hull during slack tide?
  • Inadvertent hard contact with your mooring ball while attempting mooring?
  • Wrestle with moving, deploying and storing your heavy and rigid mooring ball?
  • Or perhaps you're a commercial mooring operation that manages the deployment and storage of hundreds of rigid mooring balls twice a year?

    If so, then we'd like to introduce these inflatable mooring buoys as an innovative solution to solve many of your mooring woes.  They are soft and quiet upon hull contact, lightweight, easy to handle, built tough, and offer superior space savings when deflated.  

    We highly recommend these inflatable mooring buoys as an alternative to the traditional rigid and heavy mooring balls.  Don't let your mooring buoy rub you the wrong way!

    Product Features

    • High quality Heavy Duty 1.2 mil PVC fabric, double weld construction, UV resistant
    • Halkey-Robert style valve for quick inflation / deflation and tight seal
    • Soft body, light weight (10 lbs Large / 6 lbs Medium), easy to handle
    • 85% smaller when deflated, requires less storage space
    • Heavy Duty Stainless D-Rings on each end secured with Kevlar stitching
    • Can easily paint or stencil name, numbers or add reflective paint
    • Available in two colors 
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