Why Boat Preparation Is Key for Safe Spring Cruising

Why Boat Preparation Is Key for Safe Spring Cruising

Spring boating is fun for everyone, but you need to ensure that nothing holds you back. The boating season only lasts a certain amount of time, so it's crucial to maximize the fun every day you can—and that's why boat preparation is key for safe spring cruising.

Ensures Safety

The start of a new season is an excellent opportunity to ensure that all safety equipment is good. Examine the expiry dates on flares, fire extinguishers, life vests, and rafts since they don't last forever.

Evaluate your navigational devices, anchors, and steaming lights and, if feasible, install LED lights instead of bulbs. Lastly, fully stock up your first-aid kit with the essentials. You don't want to be in a situation where you have a severe laceration and you can't stop the bleeding because you don't have bandages. 

A Clean Cabin Is a Happy Cabin

It is preferable to begin the season with a spotless cabin. If you didn't do it in the autumn, now is a good time to clear out extraneous objects from the cabin, wipe it down, and scan it for damage. A tidy and pristine cabin helps you and your patrons enjoy cruising even more, and it limits the chances of having to make any repairs in the cabin.

Preparing Your Vessel

Ensure that all engine oils and lubricants are full or replenished per approved maintenance schedules. Schedule a qualified engine technician to inspect and adjust the engine for optimal performance and fuel efficiency.

If any engine belts are on the verge of wearing down, replace those promptly. Change your outboard engine's bottom gear case oil if you didn't do that during winterization. And don't forget to check the impeller of the water pump.

Ensure that other kinds of onboard equipment, like bilge pumps, are running correctly. You may purchase additives and apply them straight to the water storage tank to enhance its flavor and odor. Finally, create a list of the spare components you must bring in the event of a breakdown.

Learning why boat preparation is key for safe spring cruising can give you peace of mind when taking the sails out. Here at Innovative Marine Group, we want you to enjoy spring, and the first step is to check out our selection of yachting equipment. If you need any of the materials or equipment listed above, we will help you.

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