When To Set Sail: A Guide To Yachting Seasons

When To Set Sail: A Guide To Yachting Seasons

No matter where you go on your next vacation, you want to know the ideal time to avoid a crowd and save money. Learning when to set sail and reading through this guide to yachting seasons explains where and when you should drop anchor.

Charter Explanation

Everywhere across the globe has four seasons that break up the year. However, there are only two seasons that matter when it comes to yachting: summer and winter. A charter season refers to weekly intervals instead of full seasons based on weather patterns. Typically, a charter season is when a yacht is in the highest demand.

Most manufacturers design yachts for warmer climates, so the odds are they don’t have the amenities to handle winter weather. Therefore, if you have a destination in mind, knowing when they are in and out of season is beneficial. You don’t want to show up to a marina and find out it isn’t operational because it’s out of season.

Summer Season

The summer yachting season lasts six months and takes place in the middle of the calendar, usually from April to October. Certain locations are more desirable than others in the summer charter season, such as the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, and Alaska. It's optimal to travel to these locations when the climate is warmer because you don't want to shiver from frigid air on deck.

The most popular time to charter a yacht in the summer is between July and August, so plan accordingly. You'll want to research potential landing spots beforehand to avoid a crowd and save a few bucks.

Winter Season

Conversely, the winter season lasts from November to April, with some destinations experiencing a bit of overlap between the two seasons. This period is popular for those who want to escape the cold winter air. Thus, tropical locations in the Caribbean are in high demand at this time, as are areas in the Indian Ocean and near the British Virgin Islands.

Year-Round Yachting

The charter season doesn't end in some locations and instead goes all year long. Areas like the Bahamas and Florida don't cease yachting, as the weather is relatively comfortable all year. Temperature aside, the one thing you must consider in this vicinity is hurricane season. You won't want to be in the water if a hurricane is approaching. August through October has the highest propensity of a storm, so it's in your best interest to avoid setting sail during those months.

By understanding when to set sail and reviewing this guide to yachting seasons, you can enjoy yachting all year long. Learning where to go and what to avoid guarantees you the most pleasant experience. Our high-quality yachting equipment at Innovative Marine Group will aid you as you set sail.

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