Warning Signs It's Time To Replace Your Boat Fenders

Warning Signs It's Time To Replace Your Boat Fenders

Everyone likes to protect their investment in some way, particularly when it's as valuable as a boat. One way to keep your boat safe from unwanted damage is by utilizing boat fenders on the side of your vessel. Sadly, these fenders aren't indestructible, and it's imperative that you know the warning signs it's time to replace your boat fenders.

Wood Remnants in the Fender

Your boat fenders do a wonderful job protecting your vessel from grazing the deck and damaging your boat. However, from the constant contact wooden pier, there may be tiny bits of wood that remain in the material of the fender. If the wood remnants are scraping on the exterior of your vessel, it's time to consider new fenders.

There's a Hole, and It's Not Inflating

Whenever you have anything inflatable, you risk a hole ruining your day. The smallest punctures may be why your inflatable yacht fenders aren't working as intended. You can try a short-term solution by using some industrial tape on the hole. However, the fenders will continue to lose their effectiveness until you fully replace them once damaged. Plus, it's not aesthetically pleasing to see a piece of your boat covered in silver duct tape.

A hole may be why your fenders aren't fully inflated, but there might be other reasons why it's not properly inflated. Regardless of why the fenders are starting to soften up, you don't want to dock a boat with fenders that can't protect your vessel. It's not like you'd want a collection of underinflated balloons for a birthday party, so don't settle for half-inflated fenders either.

Sun Damage Ruins the Color

There's nothing like soaking up the sun on a beautiful summer day, especially when cruising around in your boat. Unfortunately for your fenders, the sun can make its mark by discoloring the fenders from repeated exposure. If you notice your dark-colored fenders are beginning to fade, you might want to invest in fenders that keep their color.

You Had the Wrong Size Fender

There isn't a one-size-fits-all boat fender, so it's possible you purchased the wrong size from the get-go. It's vital to know what size fender you need, and the best place to start is by knowing the size of your boat. Use a small fender for a PWC under 20', a medium fender under 35', and a large version for anything between 35-72'. Therefore, if you have accidentally purchased a large fender for a medium PWC, your vessel might be vulnerable.

Paying close attention to the warning signs it's time to replace your boat fenders is integral for any boat owner. Innovative Marine Group is your home for the best inflatable fenders available. We are as passionate about maintaining the condition of your boats as you are, so we promise our Aere inflatable fenders will protect your vessel at all costs. Don't hesitate to contact our customer service experts today if you have any questions.

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