The Best Upgrades for Boating Enthusiasts To Make

The Best Upgrades for Boating Enthusiasts To Make

Being out on the water is your favorite place to be, so it makes sense that you want to enjoy that space to its full potential. Making upgrades for comfort, style, and value will improve your boating experience, but it can be tough knowing where to start. Keep reading to learn about the best upgrades for boating enthusiasts to make.

Seat Upholstery

Boat seats suffer a lot of wear and tear from so much use and all the different weather elements. You can upgrade them in several different ways: replacing them, buying new covers for them, or cleaning them. Your choice between these options will depend on your project budget and your time and ability.

If you have a sizeable budget and the seats are too far gone to clean, then replacing them will be your best choice. Opting for new seat covers is a good second choice if your seats are still salvageable and you have a slightly smaller budget, but don’t have the time or ability to give them a good scrub. Annual or bi-annual cleaning is the most affordable choice that will keep your seats looking upgraded without the price tag.

LED Lighting

Adding more lighting to your boat is a great upgrade that will make it easier and safer to use. LED lighting strips are thin enough to fit in small places, such as around seats and cupholders, so that you and your guests can see easier while onboard in the dark. Sealed, surface-mounted LED strips are available so that you can add them to the exterior of your boat, even below the waterline, for cool ambiance and safer night docking.

Flagpole Mounts

For a quick, fashionable upgrade, consider a boat rail flagpole mount. Flags are a boating staple, and this type of mount will make yours easily visible. Displaying flags this way gives you the opportunity to show off your private flag, national pride, or that you have an international guest on board. And if you’re ever in distress and have no other way to communicate, using these mounts for signal flags can ensure that you quickly get the help that you need.

New Carpet

Like your seats, your boat carpeting takes a beating from all the use and weather. If signs of wear and tear are just starting to show, then all you need is a heavy-duty cleaning to make them look like new. Unfortunately, in some cases, no amount of cleaning will restore your carpet, so it’s time to get something new. Depending on your time and ability, you may be able to do the installation yourself. You can find DIY kits and snap-in carpet if this is an upgrade project you’d like to tackle on your own.

Cleaning or replacing seat upholstery and carpet and adding lighting and flag mounts are some of the best upgrades for boating enthusiasts to make. You’ll be able to better enjoy your time on the water with these updated elements that add comfort, style, and value.

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