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Flitz 12"x12" Tear-Away Microfiber Towels - 50-Count - Grey [MC300R]

Flitz 12"x12" Tear-Away Microfiber Towels - 50-Count - Grey [MC300R]

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12"x12" Tear-Away Microfiber Towels - 50-Count - Grey

Super-premium commercial-grade Microfiber Cloths that are dual-sided, designed with YOUR convenience in mind. These towels are hypoallergenic and non-electrostatic ensuring a GENTLE & IRRITATION-FREE cleaning experience!

Excellent for shops! Install on a standard paper towel holder for CONVENIENT use! Perfect for your car, boat, or general around-the-house cleaning & dusting!

Use wet OR dry, leaving every surface streak-free!

Can you buy a cheaper microfiber? Yes. Can you buy a better one? No! 


  • Safe on ANY surface
  • Streak-free performance
  • Dries in 1/3 the time of ordinary microfibers
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Washable and Reusable
  • 1/3 Drying time versus competitors
  • Marine, Auto, Home, and Industrial use
  • Non-electrostatic


  • Dust & Dirt
  • Fingerprints
  • Grease & Oil
  • Polish & Waxes
  • Bugs, Tar & Nicotine film

Flitz Premium Microfiber Polishing Cloths can be used over & over & over—up to 500 times!

Cloths do not need to be washed after every use when used only for dusting. Just shake out the cloth, or rinse in hot sudsy water.

Washing & Care Instructions:

  • Machine wash in warm or hot cycle. Air or tumble dry on low. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.
  • Fabric softener will coat the threads of the microfiber eliminating absorbance and resulting in streaking.


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