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Inflatable Mat Fender (Heavy Duty)

Inflatable Mat Fender (Heavy Duty)

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Inflatable Mat Fender (Heavy Duty)

  • High Denier PVC Infused Polyester Fabric, Double Weld Design, 8" Thick
  • Stainless Steel D-Rings Positioned Around Fender Perimeter Provide Multiple Hanging Points
  • Halkey-Robert Style Valve With Safety Cover Allows Rapid Inflate / Deflate And Tight Seal
  • Various Widths and Lengths To Accommodate Nearly Any Application 
  • Neoprene Fender Covers Are Available For All Size Mat Fenders
  • Fender Colors: Gray / Black

Fender Mat Applications / Characteristics

These mat style fenders are purpose designed and built to accomplish the difficult task of protecting your stern deck or hull side from docks, pilings and or Tender tie-ups.

The flat design substantially minimizes the tendency of the fender to flip up due to wind and wave action, and with the multiplicity of D-Rings, these fenders are especially easy to secure in position.

The 8 inch thickness and relatively flat profile acts as a (safety) gap filler when Tender is secured to stern deck, and or when stern dock is flush against dock.

Because these fenders are inflatable and lightweight, they are easy to handle, and require minimal storage space.

Considering the versatile shape and various sizes, these fenders have many other potential applications for protecting your boat in situations where other fenders simply do not work.

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