About Us

A Sensible Selection of Unique and High-Quality Marine Gear

Innovative Marine Group is a company founded by Co-Owners Nicole and Kevin Murray, both veterans and boating enthusiasts, with the mission to develop, source, and offer unique and high-quality marine gear to boating enthusiasts. They recognized the need for innovative products in the boating industry and aimed to address the common theme among boaters: "there's got to be a better way to do this."

Drawing on their 50 years of combined professional sales, marketing, and engineering experience, Nicole and Kevin Murray created their first product, AnchorSuit. AnchorSuit is a smart and practical solution for safely storing an on-board secondary or storm anchor. Its design and functionality garnered popularity and proved to have applications beyond its initial purpose, becoming widely accepted as a unique anchor storage solution.

The success of AnchorSuit and the demand for other innovative boating products prompted Nicole and Kevin to establish Innovative Marine Group. They recognized a gap in the market for providers offering only the newest, most unique, and practical boating gear. With a focus on quality, customer service, and customer satisfaction, Innovative Marine Group aims to assemble and introduce a select range of products to cater to boating enthusiasts' needs, while preventing product overload and dilution of value.

By developing and sourcing cutting-edge products that currently do not exist, Innovative Marine Group seeks to serve an under served market and offer boaters the tools and equipment they need to enhance their boating experiences. The company's foundation for success lies in its commitment to customer service, satisfaction, and the continual development of high-quality product offerings.