Boat Anchoring Tips & Tricks: How To Anchor a Boat With Ease

Boat Anchoring Tips & Tricks: How To Anchor a Boat With Ease

The quick anchoring methods do you no good when you plan to stay in the water for an extended period of time. Therefore, any boat owner needs to know the boat anchoring tips and tricks on how to anchor a boat with ease, so they don't drift away when they are entertaining or fast asleep.

Scout the Vicinity

Look for a spot isolated from other boats and objects where you may safely drop your anchor. When you've found the perfect position, examine the area to guarantee there's nothing in the way of the line. Determine the depth of the water and the nature of the material below the surface. The surface floor determines what type of anchor you need. A chart or plotter typically tells you what you can expect on the ground floor.

Secure the anchor to the bow cleat until it reaches the desired location. Allow at least five times the amount of line from the water's surface to the depth you intend to drop it below.

Use the Current To Your Benefit

Now that you're in the prime location, it's time to use the current to your benefit. Curb your speed to nil and head into the wind, past where you want your boat to be before a complete stop. If the conditions are choppy, keeping the anchor onboard and drifting back first is advantageous. Doing so gives you a general idea of where the boat will end up.

Ensure the Anchor Holds

With the hook set, firmly cleat it off and run the ride through chocks to guarantee that your equipment on deck is out of harm's way from the ride as the boat swings. Then, make a reference point from the naked eye or your GPS device and set an anchor alarm in case things go astray.

Bigger Is Better

Anchoring is more accessible with a suitable size anchor to do the job. You're better off having a heavy anchor than one that doesn't hunker you down. Finding a happy medium with weight in where you can handle it and keep yourself secure is the goal.

Be Considerate of Others

Calling shotgun on the spot means you oversee the surrounding area. However, some days are more crowded than others, and you'll have to squeeze in somewhere. Make sure you are considerate of others and allow enough room to steer clear of previously anchored boats.

By knowing these boat anchoring tips and tricks on how to anchor a boat with ease, you should have no issues when you are in the water. Innovative Marine Group provides premiere anchors and matching boat anchor cover for your next trip. We know you'll have no problem staying with one of our anchors!

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