Halkey-Roberts (HR) Style Air Valve Adapter

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Product Specs and Characteristics:

  • Halkey-Roberts (H-R) Style Fill Valve Adapter w/ gasket (Twist Lock On / Twist-Lock Off)
  • Snug fits hose with 3/4" inside diameter hose (adapter hose end diameter 0.8 inch)
  • ABS Plastic (black)
  • Comes with two rubber O-Rings (different thickness)

Product Notes:

  • Adapter will fit products that utilize the Halkey-Robert Style air valve such as Inflatable Fenders, SUP Boards, Drop Stitch Platforms and Inflatable Boats.
    • Tip:  If adapter fits loosely in hose, simply wrap electrical tape or add heat shrink around adapter end.  If adapter will not fit into hose, warm up hose with blow dryer to make more flexible, then push adapter into hose.


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