Inflatable Outboard Platform

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Excellent way to expand the real estate on your pontoon boat.  Great for lounging, swimming or rafting up.  This swim platform is a great way to shed water from swimmers first, before they enter the dryer lounge areas of your pontoon boat. 
Deflates and inflates in minutes, and was designed to be towed at slower speeds.
  • 6" x 8' x 8' PVC drop stitch design with non-skid surface
  • Outboard cut-out design to fit snug to stern
  • Removable water ballast bags
  • Integrated towing and handling straps
  • Can be towed behind at slower speeds
  • Incredibly stable with load capacity +1500 lbs
  • 8 ea. heavy duty stainless D-Rings
  • Rope Ladder attaches to dedicated D-rings
  • Canvas Carry Bag, hand pump, PVC patch repair kit
  • Deflated footprint in canvas bag = 3' x 2' x 1'
  • Weighs approx. 75 lbs
  • 3 yr. warranty

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