Icom HM-222H Waterproof Speaker Mic w/3.5mm Accessory Jack 14-Pin Connector [HM222H]

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HM-222H Waterproof Speaker Mic with 3.5mm Accessory Jack & 14-Pin Connector


  • The waterproof microphone can be used while in rain
  • Equipped with an emergency switch at the top
  • Increased speaker-microphone volume depends on the combination of the transceiver and microphone
  • High capacity speaker and enough internal space for good quality audio


  • Connector Information: 14 pin spring type; Φ3.5 mm earphone jack
  • Cable Length: 300 mm; 11.8 in  (when curled)
  • IP Rating: IP68 (Equivalent to the main unit)
  • Weight: 204g (approximate)
  • Rated Input: 2.5 W (Max. 3 W)

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