Danforth Style Anchor Kit

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Anchor Kit Includes:

  • 1 ea.  Super Hooker STA-FAST Danforth Style Galvanized Anchor (Tie-down Engineering)  Options: #4 lb, #8 lb, #13 lb
  • 1 ea.  1/4" x 6' Galvanized Rode Chain (Grade G30)
  • 1 ea.  3/8" x 100' White 3-Strand Nylon Anchor Line (metal thimble on rode chain  end and bitter end neatly fused)
  • 2 ea.  5/16" Galvanized Shackle w/ Threaded Pin

Product Note:

  • Our anchor kits offer the best performance for the value.  All components are manufactured and sourced in the U.S.
For the ultimate day or emergency anchor set up, consider our AnchorSuit as a great option to keep your anchor kit neatly assembled in a tangle-free and readily deploy-able state.

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