Bravo 2 Foot Pump

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Product Specs and Components:

  • Mfr:  Scoprega
  • Model:  Bravo 2 Foot Pump
  • Max PSI: 2.4 PSI
  • Hose: 3/4" x 4.5'
  • Air Volume: 1.5 gal per pump (inflate and deflate function)
  • Adapters: 3 ea. basic adapters that will fit air mattresses, pool floaties etc.  If you plan to use this foot pump to inflate AERE' Inflatable Fenders, you will also need this Robert-Halkey Style Valve Adapter.

Product Notes:

This foot pump is an all purpose foot pump that can be used for small inflatables and Kayaks.  Lightweight and easily stow-able, this pump is overall good option to have handy.  Also works great for our inflatable fenders too! 

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