Turning Point Propellers

If your propeller(s) is / are performing sub-par, or are damaged, you're simply not realizing the full potential of your boats power and performance, and in some cases, you could damage your propeller shaft bearings by  operating with a bent and out of balance prop.

In most cases, it may be more expensive to re-furbish your existing prop than it would be to upgrade with a new prop.  And if you choose to re-condition, consider the turn around time, cost for repair, cost for a spare prop, and then the issue of running a repaired prop that could potentially fail

There are many parameters to consider when selecting a prop for your circumstance, however, we've tested a 4 blade Hustler Series, and can say our seat of the pants dyno results were impressive.

Do your research for your application, then choose a Turning Point propeller.  Best of all is the separate Hub design.  Check out the details, we're sure you'll be impressed.