Rope Fenders

Looking for something unique, classy and very functional for your boat, well then, look no further than these handmade knitted rope fenders from the Netherlands.

These modern rope fenders are a hybrid twist between old an new.  They are constructed with high quality Dan Fenders with beautiful traditional knot work as the cover. The rope cover is handmade, but uses high quality Polyester fibers that result in a soft and durable surface that will withstand the elements.

These fenders will definitely compliment your boat by providing a sophisticated and authentic look, and they are fully functional as a boat fender too.  These rope fenders will make great conversational pieces, and will also make a great gift for the boater who has everything.  Who knows, offering this gift may even earn you a ride on their boat!

Classic fenders: A bit of history

The original rope fenders used to be made of used lengths of rope that couldn’t be used for rigging anymore because of strength loss due to wear and tear.  Instead of discarding the rope, sailors thought of a way to put them to good use.  Since they could not rely on the ropes to take heavy loads, they worked the ropes into knots and used them for cushioning, or fenders to protect the boat.  Thus, Knotting old used ropes into fenders became an important way of re-using old ropes.

Traditional solid rope fenders are still made and used today in certain parts of the world, however they do have some down-sides.  They are made entirely of rope, which makes them heavy, and on top of that they are typically made of natural fibers, which is no match for the harsh weather and water conditions they must endure, and also, this natural fiber is rough on the boats surface.