Anchoring Solutions

AnchorSuit® is a fully reinforced marine grade neoprene cover which was designed to soften all angles and jagged edges of the Danforth/fluke style anchor. This rugged design alleviates nuisance anchor and chain rattle while underway, mitigates bodily harm during inadvertent contact, protects hard and soft interior boat surfaces, e.g. gear locker, main salon, fore peak, lazarette, under PWC seat, yacht tender, etc. Also, the AnchorSuit® keeps anchor gear neatly organized in a tangle free and readily deployable state. 

While the AnchorSuit® does provide tangible real world asset and personal protection, extra thought was also given into its design to provide a fit and finish to that of a sleek fitting wet suit. The result of this approach provides a tailored look for those rarely used secondary anchors, e.g. storm, lunch or stainless steel trophy anchors stowed in the interior of your yacht or boat.